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Sparkle IT Services, Computer Repair and Servicing in Coningsby, Tattershall, Woodhall Spa, Horncastle, Kirkby On Bain, Boston, Louth, Skegness, Anwick, Billinghay, Gipsey Bridge, Newyork, North Kime, Langrick, Mareham, Lincoln, Methringham and Bourne.

PC Services

Why should my PC have a Health-Check or Service?


   1. It may help avoid costly computer repairs or data loss by detecting failing components

   2. Improves efficiency and performance

   3. Helps keep the computer running cleanly, quietly and within recommended temperature ranges


What does a Heath-Check or Service include?


   1. A thorough cleaning of the computer casing inside and out

   2. Checking & cleaning cooling fans on the CPU, Northbridge and Graphics Card (replacing or lubricating where necessary)

   3. Checking motherboard for leaking, bulging or blown capacitors

   4. Hardware diagnostics including; motherboard, memory, hard-drive and processor

   5. Software updates checked and applied if necessary

   6. Disk scan for corrupted or damaged files & sectors

   7. A full scan for viruses, trojans and spyware

   8. Disk Cleanup to remove unneeded temporary files and other unwanted 'buildup'

   9. Disk Defragmenting for improving disk performance

  10. Consulting with you about possible performance enhancements including removing unnecessary programs at 'startup' and adding memory etc.



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